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Tso Much For Customer Service

, , , , , | Working | July 6, 2020

I need to stop at the grocery store after work. There’s a Chinese takeout/delivery right next door, so I decide to call in an order. My plan is to get what I need from the store and then walk over to get my food. The girl who answers the phone doesn’t have an accent; we should have no trouble understanding each other.

Me: “Hi. I’d like to place an order for takeout.”

Waitress: “Go ahead.”

Me: “I’d like the General Tso’s platter.”

Waitress: “The what?”

Me: “The General Tso’s platter? You know, as opposed to the small portion.”

Waitress: “Are you sure you called the right place?”

I’m thinking I totally screwed up and called a pizza place or something.

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry. Is this not [Restaurant] Chinese?”

Waitress: “This is [Restaurant], but not [Restaurant] Chinese.”

Me: “Oh… I’m sorry.”

I was so dumbfounded by the exchange that I hung up without trying to order again. When I arrived at the grocery store, I walked over to the restaurant. The neon phone number in the window matched what I’d dialed on my phone.

I went in and ordered from a boy at the counter with no problem. While I waited, a girl came out of the back to talk with the boy who took my order; she was the girl I’d talked to on the phone! I’m still not sure what happened.

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