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Trying To Wrestle With The Meaning

| Related | February 26, 2014

(A friend has come to visit and he has brought his three-year-old son, who is heavily into wrestling. While we’re talking and having a drink, we decide to let his son watch wrestling on TV in the next room over. My friend is telling me a story from when he was a teen when his son runs into the room.)

Friend’s Son: “Daddy! Daddy!”

Friend: “Yes, [Friend’s Son]?”

(His son immediately puts on a devilish grin and his voice drops to a low whisper.)

Friend’s Son: “Follow the buzzaaaards…”

(He then proceeding to giggle evilly before running back into the other room. It turns out that ‘follow the buzzards’ is the catch-phrase that one of the wrestlers on his show uses a lot, but it left me rather scared and unnerved until I found that out!)

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