Trying To Work On Not Working Here

| Working | July 12, 2016

(I am visiting my old workplace and start talking to a former coworker while she’s on duty.)

Me: “Hey, this display table isn’t supposed to be in here! It goes in [other area]!”

Former Coworker: “Well, it’s been in here for like two months now…”

Me: “I don’t like it! I’m putting it back!”

(My former coworker rolls her eyes and goes to help a customer while I attempt to relocate the table. It’s a 4-6 person job, so my 5’4″, 120-pound body is not moving it anywhere. Former Coworker returns to find me straightening the product on the table.)

Former Coworker: “Hey thanks for straightening [Product] for me. It’s on sale this weekend so it’s been a huge mess!”

Me: “You can tell I worked here too long when I do this instinctively.”

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