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Trying To Win The Slytherin Way

| Related | August 15, 2016

(I go into my mother’s room to see my little sister preparing to watch a Harry Potter movie. However, being the eight-year-old she is, she’s being a tad indecisive about it.)

Sister: “I really like that one and that one!”

Mum: “Then pick one!”

(Knowing Mum could be here awhile if I don’t intervene, I grab the two movies she is trying to choose from, and put them behind my back to choose somewhat randomly. As I start trading cases between hands, I notice my sister leaning her head to one side. I follow her gaze, and realise she’s trying to look into the mirror that stands behind me. I quickly step back so that she cannot use the mirror.)

Sister: “Aw…”

Mum: “What, were you trying to cheat?”

Sister: “Yeah…”

Mum: “Well, if you were trying to cheat, then you obviously knew which one you wanted!”

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