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Trying To Table This Refunder Blunder

, , | Right | October 28, 2021

I take calls for an online delivery company. I’m not American, but I take customer service calls for North America. A customer calls me almost at the end of my shift.

Customer: “I bought these tables and chairs off your website last week, but it never showed up as it was damaged during shipping, and you guys gave me a refund for it as it was unavailable. Now it’s available on [Competitor]’s site and the price has dropped, so give me a price-match.”

We do not provide price-match; it’s not in our policy. In some cases, we might have provided it, but the case was already closed as we gave her the refund.

Me: “I’m sorry, but we have given you the refund, so we cannot provide a price match.”

Customer: “But it was your fault, and I didn’t want a refund but a replacement!”

Me: “Yes, we would have provided it, but it was not available at the time, so we gave you a refund.”

Customer: “The item is available now, so give me a replacement!”

Me: “Ma’am, we have already given you the refund. We cannot provide a replacement, but you can place the order again if you want.”

The price of the table was more than $2,000 and the price was dropped a few dollars on another website or store. I just cannot give a free replacement worth $2,000!

I tried explaining everything — that we could not do anything as this case was already closed, we could not provide a replacement or a price-match as the price drop was not on our website, etc.

Then, she asked us to ship her the item from our competitor’s website!

This call went on for one hour. By the end, she was blaming my company and complaining that I’m underpaid and not happy with the job, which is why I was providing terrible customer service. No, I’m unhappy with people like you, not the company that pays me well!

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