Trying To Stay Sane Involves Snacks

, , , | Right | September 9, 2020

My coworker is talking to someone in the drive-thru.

Customer: “I have a coupon for five [snacks] for $5. I only want one right now. I’ll get the rest later.”

Employee: “What do you mean by ‘later’?”

Customer: “I’ll just get one now, and then you can write on my coupon that I still get four more.”

Employee: “I’m sorry, but to use the coupon, you’ll need to buy all five at once.”

Customer: “But I only need one, and it says I can use it up to five times!”

Employee: “I’m sorry, but it actually says you can use the same coupon for five sets of five snacks, up to twenty-five in your order.”

Customer: “Well, that’s pretty ridiculous. Who would want twenty-five snacks at once? I’ll just have one. How much is that?”

Employee: “$1.50 plus tax, ma’am.”

Customer: “Do you have a senior discount?”

Employee: “We offer fifty-cent fountain drinks to seniors.”

Customer: “I don’t want a drink. Can’t you just take fifty cents off my total?”

Employee: “I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we can’t do that.”

Customer: “Well… okay. You drive a hard bargain.”

Employee: “Your total is [total], and I’ll see you at the window. Thank you!”

Me: *To the employee* “What is your secret to staying sane? Meditation? Medication? Whatever it is, I need to try it.”

Thankfully, I was making the food and not serving it this day, so I didn’t have to deal with the customer face to face. I only heard the exchange through the drive-thru speaker.

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