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Trying To Squeeze You Out Of A Job

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I am working two jobs at this time, one of them at a lumber yard. The manager that hired me gets replaced by a new guy who is a total a**hole. He tells me to quit my other job so that I can go full-time and get benefits. I decide to leave the other job and go full-time, and for a month I ask him about getting me my full-time benefits, and he says he’ll put it in the system soon.

Well… after a month he “lays me off” because upper management says they need to lose one person. I go back to my other job and they welcome me back with open arms. I find out the lumber yard hired someone else to do my old job… which means they fired me… not laid me off.

A few months later the lumber yard boss calls me and begs me to come back cause the new person can’t do my job and they are way behind in paperwork. He offers a raise but tells me I have to dye my hair one natural color; I have red streaks and blue tips.

The pay is better so I go back but still keep my other job once again.

The lumber yard boss comes back to the office and yet again tells me to quit my other job and he’ll put me on full-time. I laugh and tell him I don’t trust him to do that since he screwed me over the last time he made that promise. Then the f***er puts his hand around my throat! He luckily doesn’t squeeze… but I glare him down and he lets go and runs out of the office. Unfortunately, there are no witnesses so it would be my word against his. He later grabs another coworker’s arm so hard he bruises her. He runs away and comes back with a sheet for her to sign for a dollar raise.

Luckily, within a year of leaving that place, it got shut down. All the contractors loved me and said I was the only reason they kept shopping there, so I guess they were true to their word and stopped going there!

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