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Trying To Spin A Different Story

, , , , , | Working | June 22, 2018

(I build models, and use bearings to make some parts move. A local store has a pile of fidget spinners, discounted to ten for a dollar. I realize that I can easily break open the case, and get decent bearings at a remarkably cheap price, so I decide to buy the lot of them. When I approach the checkout, the clerk rolls his eyes.)

Clerk: “Look. I know what you’re thinking, but kids have moved on.”

Me: “What do you think I’m thinking?”

Clerk: “That you can resell those for five bucks a piece. Look. The fad is over. No kids want them anymore. We can’t even sell them below cost.”

Me: “Well, I don’t plan to resell them, so no problems.”

Clerk: “Look, I’m just saving you the trouble. I won’t let you waste your money.”

(He takes the fidget spinners from me and sets them under the counter.)

Me: “Hey! I want to buy those!”

Clerk: “Just get something else, man; kids don’t want them.”

Me: “Get me your manager.”

(The manager comes out. I tell her the clerk took the box of fidget spinners from me and that I want to buy them. She gets the box and processes my order.)

Manager: “I’m going to give you an extra 10% off on these for the trouble. But you know no one wants these anymore, right? Like… you’re going to be out a lot of money if you plan to resell them.”

Me: “For the last time, I’m not reselling them!”

(The good news: my order came to just over $30, and the bearings all work great on my models.)