Trying To Repair The Sale

| Working | October 28, 2013

(I am with my sister-in-law, helping her buy a used car. She decides on a car, and we sit down to negotiate.)

Salesman: “My manager says that your offer is fine, except…”

Sister-In-Law: “Except?”

Salesman: “Well, the car was hit on our lot last week, so we’re going to add the cost of the repair, so your new total is [total].”

Me: “I’m sorry; explain that to me again? You’re asking her to pay for an accident that she had nothing whatsoever to do with?”

Salesman: “Well, someone has to pay for the repairs.”

Sister-In-Law: “No!”

(As we we’re leaving the lot, my sister-in-law looks at me confused.)

Sister-In-Law: “Did that really just happen?”

(At this point the manager comes running after us, and asks us to come back to the table. She ends up getting that car for several hundred less than she originally offered.)

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