Trying To Posit How Deposits Work, Part 2

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I take a phone call while working as a receptionist in a bed and breakfast. Since it is a small structure, we ask our guests to pay a small deposit if their stay is longer than one week, in order to avoid most of the economic loss in case they cancel their booking.

Customer: “Hello. I would like to cancel my reservation for next week.”

Me: “Good morning, sir. No problem; I’ll take care of it.”

Customer: “Also, I’d like to receive back my deposit ASAP.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but our policy doesn’t allow for deposits to be refunded to our clients.”

Customer: “Are you dumb? I said I’m not coming anymore; do you understand me or not?! I don’t care about your rules; I want my money back!”

I politely try to explain that, by definition, down-payments are non-refundable and that in any case, he wouldn’t have gotten his money back.

Customer: “Are you f****** kidding me? Do you want to con me or what?! I’ll call my lawyer and then we’ll see who’s right!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but at this point, I’m afraid you’ll have to speak to my manager.”

Said manager picks up the phone and politely explains to the customer what I have just tried to tell him myself.

Customer: *Even more enraged* “I’ve never been humiliated like this! I won’t ever f****** come back to stay in your f****** sleazy rooms! You can all go to h***!”

He then abruptly hung up the phone. Luckily, my manager was very kind to me and told me not to worry too much about this incident, and we still laughed about it weeks after it all happened.

Trying To Posit How Deposits Work

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