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Trying To Point Out The Irony

, , , | Right | January 14, 2021

I work as a personal shopper for a supermarket. For this reason, when customers ask us questions about the location of something, we often just give detailed directions along with hand gestures. I’m in a produce aisle, which are fairly short so they can be seen over.

Customer: “Excuse me, where are your salad and radish-type things?”

Me: “Oh, they’re just in aisle five in the middle.”

As I’m saying this, I point over to the next aisle whereabouts the items are, which is not even pointing directly at the customer. However, as I’m speaking, the customer interrupts me as she begins to walk off, saying she’ll find someone else to help her in an annoyed tone. Thinking she’s misheard me or something, I call after her.

Me: “Ma’am, it’s all right. They’re just in the next aisle.”

Customer: “Don’t talk to me like I’m stupid. You shouldn’t point; it’s rude.”

Me: “I was just pointing out the direction.”

However, she just comes back over and starts jabbing her finger toward me as she says the following:

Customer: “Pointing is still rude.”

She went back to walking off, and I didn’t bother saying anything else. I was taken aback by the fact that she took my directions but still wanted to lecture me about pointing, even though she used the more rude variant of it.

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