Trying To Motion That You Can’t Find The Lotion

, , | Right | February 15, 2019

(A woman approaches my coworker, but stops when she’s about fifteen feet away. He’s looking down at his inventory list and doesn’t realize she’s speaking to him right away.)

Customer: “Calamine lotion.” *pauses just a second* “Calamine lotion.”

Coworker: “Sorry, ma’am? Could you repeat that?”

Customer: *screaming* “CALAMINE LOTION!”

Coworker: “Sure, I just have to look up where that is in the store.” *starts to type it in on our store tablets*

Customer: “Ugh! I’ll find it MYSELF!”

(She just stormed off. We had a laugh about it afterward; I’m guessing she had one h*** of a rash!)

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