Trying To Keep Abreast Of The Game

| Missouri City, TX, USA | Learning | October 6, 2015

(I am in PE class with my friend. Our coach is instructing us on basketball passes. Note that I am in seventh grade; however I skipped a grade and am generally a year younger than my classmates. I hate basketball, even though I am quite athletic. I am obviously very flat-chested.)

Me: *throws ball badly to friend*

Friend: *throws ball badly to me as I struggle to catch it*

Coach: *walking to me* “No, no, no! That’s the wrong hand position! Where are your boobs?”

Me: *slightly stunned silence*

Coach: *guides my hand to the center of my chest, basically in between my non-existent breasts* “See? There. Now push!”

Me: *more stunned silence as I push the ball towards my friend*

Coach: *walks away, satisfied*

(I was secretly thinking as she asked me, “Well I don’t know. Where ARE my boobs?”)

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