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Trying To Extend Your Baby’s Warranty

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I own an “invisible shield” kiosk in a mall. We cover gizmos and gadgets, mostly cellphones, with a thin durable piece of plastic that acts as a screen protector.

Customer: “So, what does this stuff do?”

Me: “We add a thin layer of polyurethane plastic on your gadgets to protect them from scratches and general wear and tear.”

Customer: “Awesome! Can you cover my baby with it?”

She gestures to her months-old daughter in the buggy.

Me: “Absolutely not, ma’am. It’s not for people.”

Customer: “She’s not a person; she’s a baby. She’s only ten months!”

Me: “I am not going to scratch-proof your ten-month-old daughter.”

She left disappointed, and I was left disturbed.

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