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Trying To Explain The Difference Is A Mis-Steak

, , , | Right | January 25, 2019

(I’m eating out at a fairly fancy restaurant when a couple gets seated at the table behind me.)

Lady: *holding up her menu* “EXCUSE ME?”

Waitress: *who is standing right next to her* “Yes?”

Lady: “Your [dish containing chicken] is listed as being 17.99, but your [same dish with steak] is listed at 20.99. Why are they different?”

Waitress: “Because the first uses chicken, and the second uses steak.”

Lady: “Yes, but why are they different prices?”

Waitress: *sounding a bit confused* “Because the steak costs more than the chicken.”

Lady: “But why?!”

Waitress: *still sounding confused* “Because those are the prices the restaurant set?”

(At that, the lady let out a dramatically disgusted and prolonged huff, before snapping her menu shut, slamming it on the table, standing up, and walking off. After a moment, the man she was sitting with let out a long and tired sigh, stood up, picked up the bag the woman had left by the table, and followed her, while the waitress stood there looking lost.)

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