Trying To Develop This Conversation

, , , | Right | May 3, 2019

(We develop film and print photographs. I work at the front desk that leads to a different department, off the main area with the people who know how to place orders and discuss film, etc. An older gentleman comes in, walks past all of the salespeople and approaches me.)

Customer: “Hello. I was a customer here waaaaay back in the day, you know, back in the day. I’m an old school kind of guy and I used to come here back when what was what.”

Me: “Well, welcome back, then! How can we help you?”

Customer: “I need to get some film developed, the old way.”

Me: “Absolutely. We offer manual film processing and printing. Let me catch the attention of one of our—“

Customer: “No, I mean the old way. With real paper and a man staring through a lens.”

Me: “Yes, sir, we still offer traditional chemical bath and enlarger processing. I assure you. In fact, our technician is likely the one who was here back when you started here; he’s a veteran with the company.”

Customer: “I just don’t recognize anyone here from the old days. I just refuse to be another number. When you get to my age, you see… I mean, how could you even understand? You’re practically a baby. I just want to be treated like a human.”

Me: “Well, sir, our specialists are all—“

Customer: “No, no. I just… I just need to know that my film is being looked after. I can’t just see anyone.”

Me: “Sir, I don’t know how to help you if you won’t let me get someone to help you.”

Customer: “I mean, I guess if that’s all you can do.”

Me: *pause* “It is.”

(I eventually got him matched up with a salesperson who helped him satisfactorily, as far as I could tell.)

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