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Trying To Break The Golden Rules

, , | Right | November 17, 2020

A guest comes in when my coworker is working; my coworker is known to be strict on policies. Our policy is that we must have some form of payment that is authorized to be used. Pretty simple, but many times, guests have tried using their family member’s card, or their friend’s, or even their job’s. We have to have written permission for them to do so.

Guest: “Check in for [Guest].”

Coworker: “Of course, sir. ID and credit card, please.”

Guest: “My company is supposed to pay for my room.”

Coworker: “Let’s see.” *Checks* “I don’t see any authorization on file for that, sir.”

Guest: “Well, they should’ve sent you something! I don’t understand!”

Coworker: *Keeps checking* “No, sir. We cannot check you in without proper consent. Do you have a credit card of your own to use? Cash?”

Guest: “No, I don’t! My company is paying!”

Coworker: “Can you call them and ask them to send a fax?”

Guest: “No, they’re closed. I’m a gold member!”

Gold members are one of the highest tiers in our rewards program. Usually, they get away with a LOT, but my coworker, being who he is, says that he can’t check him in without the company giving us a fax or an email saying that it is okay to use their card. The guest gets very irate and starts shouting, and my coworker makes him leave. Pretty soon, around midnight, corporate rings us.

Corporate: “Yes, I have Mr. [Guest] on the other line, very upset about you not letting him in?”

Coworker: “Yes, due to our policy, we cannot check him in unless we have a credit card authorization from his company.”

Corporate: “I see. Can you put your manager on the phone?”

The general manager comes after my coworker explains to her what was going on. The GM tells the corporate office the same thing — that we need a form of payment that is authorized by the card owner in written, emailed, or fax form.

Corporate: “Can you not make an exception?”

General Manager: “No. That is our policy.”

Corporate: “But he’s a gold member.”

General Manager: “Even with gold members or whomever.”

They went around and around, and the GM stuck to her guns. I was proud of my GM! Moral of the story: don’t assume that your company will be paying for your stay, and take a backup card of your own just in case! So MANY travel around with no money at all and expect us to make an exception.

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