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Trying To Bias Time

| Working | March 28, 2014

(I work in the daycare for a gym. Our manager does a new schedule each month, for which we have to turn in an ‘availability form,’ where we fill out what times we can work and what days we want off. Days off are first come, first serve. I have just looked at the schedule.)

Me: “Hey, [Boss]. I asked for the whole week of Christmas off. Why do I have all of them off but one?”

Boss: “No one else could work that day, so you’re it.”

Me: “But it’s first come first serve. I was the first person.”

Boss: “Yeah, but no one else wanted to work that day. Too bad.”

Me: “So you’re ignoring the policy?”

Boss: “No. I needed you to work that day, so I put you on the schedule.”

Me: “But I was the first to put in my availability.”

Boss: “I already made the schedule. Nothing I can do about it.”

(I went to her boss, who called her on her bulls***. After two days of arguing with my boss back and forth, her boss ended up closing the day-care for the day she put me on. I put in my two weeks (due to school-related reasons) and told her I was taking ‘an unpaid leave of absence from day x to day y.’ The clincher? She scheduled me after my last day.)

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