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Trying In Vein

| Working | July 20, 2013

(I’ve been sent to a diagnostics clinic to have my blood drawn and some tests run. I’ve never had this done, and I’m a bit nervous as I sit in the chair. I am naturally extremely pale, to the point where my skin is translucent enough to see the veins with ease.)

Phlebotomist #1: “Okay, give me an arm. It doesn’t matter which one.”

(I hold out my left arm.)

Phlebotomist #1: *mumbling to herself* “Alright, I’ll just stick it… here.”

(The phlebotomist pushes the needle through my skin, and goes right through the vein. She pulls the needle back, re-angles it, and shoves it forcefully into my arm, going through the vein a second time. She pulls back a bit and starts digging around in my arm, trying to hit the vein. She RIPS the needle out of my arm so that it tears a diagonal gash about an inch long, which starts bleeding profusely. As she does this, she starts yelling.)

Phlebotomist #1: “S***! I just can’t deal with this patient any more! I am DONE with this girl. Someone else can do it; I’m not touching her again!”

(She storms out of the room as another phlebotomist rushes in.)

Me: *bewildered* “What just happened?”

Phlebotomist #2: “Oh, don’t worry about it! You’re just the last patient of the day, and on a Friday. We’re all anxious for the weekend.”

Me: “I suppose…”

(I hold out my right arm for the second phlebotomist. She hits the vein perfectly the first time, gets the blood quickly, and draws the needle out smoothly, all without leaving a mark.)

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