Try Walking A Mile In The Other Employee’s Shoes

, , , | Working | October 16, 2018

(I am looking for a new pair of wedge heels.)

Employee #1: “Can I help you?”

Me: “Yes, could I get these in a size eight?” *holds up pair of shoes*

Employee #1: “Sure.” *disappears into back of store*

(A minute or so later, I see another pair of shoes that I want to try on. Not thinking anything of it, I ask another employee for help.)

Me: *walks up to [Employee #2]* “Hi, could I please try these in a size eight?” *holds up shoes*

Employee #2: “Of course!” *starts to walk toward back of store*

(At this time, [Employee #1] returns. [Employee #2] is considerably younger than [Employee #1].)

Employee #1: *walks up to me* “NO! You only ask one person! One person!”

Me: “Uh…”

Employee #1: *suddenly all smiles* “Here’s your shoes!”

(She then walks behind the counter and speaks angrily to [Employee #2]. They are too far away for me to hear, but she is clearly extremely angry. Several minutes later, [Employee #1] walks over with my second pair of shoes.)

Employee #1: “Here’s your shoes!”

Me: “Thank you.”

Employee #1: “You’re so polite! Most people your age are so rude! Have a nice day!” *walks off*

Me: “…”

(I assume she got so upset, because they earn money on commission or something, but still! That was a little excessive, and there was no need to yell at the other employee! She was just doing her job.)

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