Try The New Frankenchicken!

, , , , , | Right | August 28, 2019

(I am at a fried chicken restaurant. I have already ordered and am waiting when another customer steps up to order.)

Customer: “Hi. Can I get two breast pieces with dark meat?”

Cashier: “Sorry, breast meat is white. You can get other pieces of the chicken that have dark meat, though. The leg has dark meat. I can get you some of those!”

Customer: “No, no! I want the breast pieces. Just make it dark meat.”

Cashier: “Sir, I can’t really do that… That’s how the body of the chicken is.”

Customer: “You have terrible customer service! I could do your job! If you can’t give me a dark meat chicken breast, I’m contacting your corporate office and I’m never coming back! This is ridiculous!”

Cashier: “I’m sorry. It looks like that’s your only option because I cannot possibly change the anatomy of an animal.”

(The customer left in a huff with the rest of the restaurant either in awe or stifling their laughs. The cashier just shook her head in disbelief.)

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