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Try Not To Make A Meal Out Of It, Part 2

, | Related | September 4, 2014

(My mum is giving a talk about nutrition to one of the play groups she runs and my little sister, who is seven, is with her.)

Mum: “So it’s important you take time to plan out your meals and give your kids healthy food that’s also tasty. It doesn’t have to be complicated or even take long to make.”

(At this point my sister pipes up.)

Sister: “Yeah, like all those microwave meals you used to give us.”

(Everyone was silent for a moment as my mum blushed bright red and quickly had to explain that before we moved and lived with our step-dad she worked three jobs. Her ex-husband couldn’t cook so she had to leave microwavable stuff for us, but now she cooked every day. She was so angry with my sister, who had no idea she’d said anything wrong!)


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