Try It A Second Time

| Working | August 8, 2014

(A sandblaster has been ordered to sandblast 600 tubes from both ends. Each tube needs to be ‘blasted’ for 5 seconds, thus the job ought to take at least an hour. Twenty minutes later, the sandblaster leaves the cabin and starts taking off his gear.)

Foreman: “What happened? Something’s wrong?”

Sandblaster: “No, I’m finished.”

Foreman: “What do you mean you’re finished? Did you blast both ends?”

Sandblaster: “Yeah.”

Foreman: “Did you countĀ five seconds per tube?”

Sandblaster: “Yeah.”

Foreman: “Then there’s no way you can be finished. Get back in and start over.”

Sandblaster: “It’s not my fault I count seconds fast!”

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