Try And Listen For A Change

| Right | July 15, 2012

(I work at a bureau de change (currency exchange). A customer comes in, wanting to change £20 into Euros. The computer automatically rounds the quote up to the nearest 5€, as this is the smallest denomination note, so it’s rare that we’re ever able to change the exact sterling amount. However, we can use Euro coins to get a little closer.)

Me: “I can give you 25 euros for £20.83.”

Customer: *hands me a £20 note*

Me: “Do you have the extra 83 pence?”

Customer: *nods and smiles*

Me: *waits*

(After a few seconds, I try again.)

Me: “It’s £20.83 for the 25 euros. Do you have another 83p?”

Customer: “Yep.” *nods and smiles again*

Me: “If you pass it through, I’ll process the transaction and get your Euros ready for you.”

Customer: “Thank you.” *looks at me expectantly*

Me: “Just the 83 pence then, please.”

(I try a couple more variations of this, but in the end decide to give up and bring it slightly under £20 by rounding down with some Euro coins. He’ll now get 23 Euros and some Sterling change. I count his money for him, and…)

Customer: “Wait, I thought you were going to give me 25 Euros? I’ve got some extra cash on me if you need to go a little over.”

Me: *speechless*

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