Trust Is A Two-Way Street

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(I work at a gas station. There is a “pay inside” option on the machines, but we are not supposed to turn the pump on for anyone we don’t know or can’t track down. Given that drive-offs come out of our checks, we tend to take this rule seriously, which can lead to some people deciding to take it out on us. Luckily, our boss has never asked us to put up with this BS. No F-bombs, no personal insults, but we don’t have to smile and take it. Last fall we had this gem of a cranky, older man pull up and hit the “pay inside” option. Since I don’t know him I silence the call bell and wait for him to come in. It times out, he presses the button again, and I silence it again. One of our regulars is heading back out and offers to tell him it’s prepay. I thank her and watch her walk out while taking care of my line. Cue an angry stomp inside.)

Customer: “Hey! Turn the pump on. I’m waiting!”

Me: “Sorry, sir. We can’t turn the pump on for people we don’t know. You’ll need to prepay or allow us to hold your ID or credit card.”

Customer: “Then why the f*** doesn’t it say prepay?”

Me: “There is a sign, sir, just to the left of the display.”

Customer: “Oh, just turn the f****** thing on. I don’t want to walk all over the d***** place.”

Me: “Sorry, sir. Those are the store rules. Drive-offs come out of our checks.”

(Cue a loud, growling, profanity-laden rant about how nobody trusts anyone anymore and why the h*** should he be punished for it? I patiently wait for him to go quiet while checking out a few of my regular customers. Once he winds down, I ask him again.)

Me: “So, did you want to prepay, pay outside, or have us hold an ID?”

Customer: “Just turn on the f****** pump! This is what’s wrong with your generation! You don’t trust anyone anymore!”

(I’ve had enough.)

Me: “Sir, you don’t trust me to hold onto your ID and have done nothing but yell and swear at me. Why the h*** would I trust you with my paycheck?”

Customer: “F*** you, you little s***! I’m getting my gas somewhere else! You just lost a customer, and I’ll be calling your manager!”

Me: “There a gas station across the way, and this whole conversation is on the security cameras, both visual and audio. Bye.”

(The dude stands there a moment, while I start checking out another regular, before huffing and stomping off in an impressive impersonation of an angry toddler. My regulars pipes up:)

Regular: “Does he know that [Competitor] is prepay only? No exceptions?”

Me: “Guess he will soon.”

Regular: “This is why I come here. You gals take no bulls***!”

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