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Trust In The Exercise

| Working | December 6, 2015

(My boss, I, and another coworker are visiting a site in Salt Lake City to interview them regarding a project they completed, with a group of consultants who may pilot the same project at our site in Alberta. We’ve just finished up for the day and are heading out.)

Boss: “[Consultant], you know where you’re going, right? To get back to the airport?”

(The consultant is quiet.)

Me: “[Consultant]? We are going to be cutting it close for time; do you need us to look up a map?”

Consultant: “So, either this will be fine and it’ll be a really cool photo op for you guys, or you’re spending another day in Salt Lake.” *suddenly veers off the highway to a gravel road, and yells* “TRUST EXERCISE!”

(He ended up taking us to a really cool ledge of concrete overlooking the flats, with a big natural rock formation. It was indeed a very cool photo op – and now we all use ‘trust exercise’ as a joke for unexpected fun!)

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