Trust Him To Make A Fool Out Of Himself

| Romantic | November 23, 2012

(My boyfriend is volunteering for clean-up from hurricane Sandy in NYC. He takes advantage of his time off at night to visit some of the city’s bars and clubs.)

Boyfriend: “So this girl was hanging all over me and wouldn’t take a hint. So I took out my cell phone and showed her your picture and talked about you until she got it.”

Me: “So, random people in New York are seeing my picture?”

Boyfriend: “Mmhmm. And, I told her that I was going to marry you and told her what the ring will look like when I decide to ask you.”

Me: “That’s a lot of information to share with a stranger.”

Boyfriend: “And then, I asked her where she was a year ago so I could have dated her for a month before meeting you and then break up with her for the much better option.”

Me: “Honey, I know you think that last sentence was meant to be romantic, or to show me that I can trust you… but that was horrible.”

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