Trust, But Verify… With The Right People

, , , , | Working | November 1, 2020

I just recently decided to buy a new gaming laptop and a virtual reality system. I decided to get the Oculus Quest and HP Pavilion laptop. I go to the store and ask the person helping me:

Me: “These will work together, right?”

The employee assures me it will work. I get to the checkout and feel like I should double-check with a second employee.

Me: “These two items will work together, right?” 

The second employee also assures me that these will work together. I get home and set it up. I get into the game I want to play and find out that I can’t see half the things other people can see. I talk to my very savvy computer friend and he tells me I need a different cord. The next day, I go buy one. I get home and it still does not work.

I decide to take EVERYTHING back the next day. There’s a new employee in tech support there that I bring the stuff to.

Employee #3: “Oh, yeah, this computer is not compatible with this VR.”

I asked about refunding, but since the VR is a wearable item, I couldn’t get a refund. They did take it and give me a full store credit.

I then went through a two-hour process of getting the right VR and computer. I had to order it in. I wish I had just gone straight to tech support instead of just a regular employee. It took a week, but now everything is good.

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