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Truly Inseparable Friends

| Learning | September 4, 2013

(My foster cousin and I are in the same English class, and we’ve somehow convinced the teacher to let us sit together even though we’re known trouble makers. The teacher is talking about a recent chapter in the book we’re supposed to be reading when my cousin raises his hand.)

Cousin: “Uh, ma’am?”

Teacher: *gasps and beams* “Do you have something to add?”

Cousin: “Not exactly.”

Teacher: *still cheery* “Oh do you have a question about the chapter?”

Cousin: “Um, no.”

Teacher: *a little crest fallen* “You may not go to the bathroom.”

Cousin: “It’s not that. Me and [my name] kinda—”

Me: “We super glued our hands to the table.”

Cousin: “Yeah… we’re stuck.”

(It takes two paramedics and the science teacher to unstick us.)

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