True Love Has No Hidden A-Genders

| Romantic | August 13, 2013

(My friend and I stop in for hamburgers and fries. My friend is extremely tall, and in the process of getting the last of her gender reassignment surgeries. I have very short hair, don’t wear make-up, and look like I am 17 despite being old enough to drink. We are often mistaken for a gay couple. We get our food, and sit down when two college-age boys come in. They sit next to us and start trying to talk to me.)

College Boy #1: “Hey, excuse me.”

College Boy #2: “You should come over here and sit with me.”

Me: “Why would I do that?”

College Boy #1: “I could show you a good time.”

My Friend: “I think you should turn back around.”

College Boy #2: “You aren’t fooling anyone. You’re one ugly woman; I hope you didn’t pay to get boobs. It would be a waste of money.”

Me: “It is none of your f****** business.”

(I turn to my friend, who is near tears.)

Me: “C’mon, we can eat in the car. I don’t want to listen to him a second longer.”

College Boy #2: “I can show you a good time.”

Me: “Sorry. I am not interested.”

College Boy #1: “Is that thing your boyfriend?”

College Boy #2: “F****** pansy queers. I hate f***. You should all die.”

Me: “First of all, [friend] is a woman. Second, stop acting like your lack of penis is our problem. Third, we are leaving.”

(College Boy #1 stands up. He throws his soda at me, but misses, splashing the people right behind me. One of the men, a tall, well-built customer stands up.)

Customer: “You need to leave now.”

College Boy #1: “Man, I am so sorry. This freak threw the soda and—”

College Boy #2: “I’m out of here, man.”

College Boy #1: “I really am sorry, man. You understand? Right? This girl just asked for it.”

Customer: “You would never notice, but I used to be a woman. Are you going to call me a freak?”

College Boy #1: “Ha, ha, funny joke, man.”

Customer: “Get out of here before I kick your a**. We will see how big you feel then.”

(College Boy #1 rushes out.)

Customer: “I am sorry that happened to you. Stay strong. For the record, you guys are a very cute couple.”

My Friend: *crying* “Thank you for saying all that.”

Customer: “I know what it was like to be picked on for who I was. I didn’t lie; I used to be a woman. It took me ten years to finally have the courage and funds to tell anyone. I am proud of myself for having the courage to do that. No one should make you feel ashamed for being who you are.”

(The man sits back down. As we leave, he asks for my friend’s number. They have been dating ever since.)

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