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Trucking ‘A’!

| Learning | January 31, 2017

(One of my teachers is a huge stickler for attendance and, since she is influential in the industry, I go out of my way to stay on her good side. On my way biking to class one day, I’m struck by a truck. As the EMTs load me into the ambulance, they ask if they can call anyone for me and I, slightly delirious from pain and shock, ask them to call my teacher and tell her I’ll be late to class. I am unable to attend school for over a month and end up re-taking that class. On the first day back she says this:)

Teacher: “Now, I feel like there are few excuses to miss class. These classes are important, you’re paying a lot of money for them, and proving you can be on time, ready to work and dependable to me, your future colleagues, and my guest presenters, is important. Your fellow student here has already set the precedent, so I say this: if you’re not going to make it into class at the last minute, I better be getting a phone call from the EMT riding in the ambulance with you or prepare to face my wrath.”

(Apparently, years later, she still uses this example.)

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