Troubleshooting Like A Boss

| Working | December 16, 2015

(I work in an office with a boss who frequently asks questions repeatedly even if nothing has changed or there is no way we could know the answer in hopes of receiving an answer he likes. On Monday, our Internet connection is down. We call Comcast to figure out why. I show the tech to the back and he checks everything out, but there is nothing wrong on his end. At this point the Internet has been out for five hours and none of us have been able to do any work.)

Boss: “Hey, this is telling me I’m connected but I’m not.”

Me: “I know; that’s why we’re still working on it.”

Tech: “See, it all says it’s fine on my end, but the computer up front tells me there’s an IP address that is getting kicked back. So it’s an internal problem. You probably need to call your IT guy.”

Boss: “My computer tells me that I’m connected, but it’s through the hard line. Why isn’t it working? Are you telling me something changed?”

Tech: “I can’t tell. It could be a dirty computer kicking an IP back, or a switch in your router. It’s not Comcast. You still have wireless.”

Boss: “But it’s not working. And none of my people changed anything.”

(At this point I leave them alone. About five minutes later the tech comes over with a wry smile.)

Tech: “Your boss moved all the security cameras this weekend and cycled the security system. His computer was giving off the bad IP.”

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