Trolley Folly

| Right | July 12, 2017

(I am seriously at fault here. My boyfriend has been acting stroppy all evening and disappears while we are grocery shopping. While looking for him, I grab a few items that we need and try to get me and my trolley past an employee who is stocking shelves, and has a pallet stacked against one side of the aisle. Realising that I don’t have quite enough room to get through, rather than turn around and go past, I lift the back end of the trolley and try to squeeze past the pallet. Eventually I make it, and knock a few things over in the process. Look up to see the employee and two other customers staring at me with delighted grins on their face.)

Me: “I swear I am a functioning human being…”

(I then scuttled past with a bright red face, feeling way too embarrassed to say sorry or help pick up the items!)

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