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Troll Hunting

| Learning | December 3, 2013

(I have a very heavy Southern accent. I also wear a necklace with a cross on it that once belonged to my great grandfather, and a cross ring I got when I was confirmed. On this day I also happen to be wearing a t-shirt with a logo for a rather large hunting supplies company.)

Professor: “Alright. Everyone draw a number. Whoever has a matching number is your partner for this project.”

(I draw my number and then move by my partner who immediately gives me a disgusted look. We work in almost complete silence for a while.)

Student: “I’m gay. You know that, right?”

Me: “Uh… okay.”

(We work in silence for a bit after this.)

Student: “I can’t believe I still see people with that cross s*** on it. I mean we are studying science and you believe in a magic man in the sky.”

Me: “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.”

Student: “And that shirt! You really think that it’s okay to murder animals like that? Are you really that sick and twisted you think that’s okay?”

Me: “Look. None of this has anything to do with the project. Can we just finish this?”

(He continues ranting about how my religion is stupid, hunting is horrible, and how I’m obviously racist because of my accent. All the while he is getting louder and louder until the professor comes over.)

Professor: “Is there a problem here?”

Student: “Yes, I demand a new partner! This racist, homophobic, a** has been harassing me about my beliefs and my sexuality, and he should be kicked from this university.”

Professor: “[My Name], is this true?”

(Another student in the group behind me speaks up before I can.)

Student: “Not at all! [My Name] hasn’t said crap. [My Name]’s been working on the project while this troll has been trying to get him into a fight. Apparently he forgot he’s not on the Internet.”

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