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Trimmed Off Part Of The Manual

, , , , | Right | May 1, 2020

A customer comes into our store and starts looking at our weed trimmer line.

Coworker: “Can I help you, sir?”

Customer: “Yeah, I’m looking for the trimmer refills with the button that you hit against the ground to release more line.”

This is the actual trimmer head, which is refilled with regular trimmer line when it runs out.

Coworker: “Oh, then you just need some trimmer line to rewind the trimmer head.”

Customer: “No, this is the refill for the trimmer. It’s already wound and you just insert it into the trimmer head. Then you hit the bottom of the refill on the ground to feed the line.”

Coworker: “The part that you hit on the ground is part of the trimmer head. To refill it, you need to cut a section of the trimmer line and rewind it around the trimmer head.”

Customer: “No, no. This refill feeds itself when you hit it against the ground.”

Coworker: “That is part of the trimmer head mechanism. I can show you how to rewind it so that it feeds correctly when you tap it on the ground.”

The customer pauses for a bit, thinking.

Customer: “Okay, well, I guess I’ll just keep looking for the refill if you guys don’t have it. Thanks anyway.”

Coworker: “Okay… Bye.”