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Tried To Kill The Sale

| Working | March 17, 2015

(A couple weeks before this incident, I had to bathe my cat because he got into something sticky and foul smelling. He scratched up my arms and part of my stomach trying to escape the sink and it left a lot of scars.)

Me: “Just this soda and these candies, please.”

(I put the items on the counter in the process showing my arms.)

Cashier: “Did you try to kill yourself?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Cashier: “That’s disgusting. Why are flaunting your scars like you want sympathy?”

Me: “…I got them from my cat.”

Cashier: “Yeah. Try harder next time. Do everyone a favor.”

Me: “You know, never mind the items. I’m not buying anything.”

(As I left the store about six other customers left looking completely disgusted. None of them had purchased anything either.)

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