Tried To Enter The Hotel Room Using A Race Card

, , , | Right | May 4, 2020

A guy approaches my desk. He has an aggressive stance, fists clenched, and a nasty glare. I know I’m in for it.

Guy: “Give me a room!”

Me: “No, we don’t have any rooms.”

Guy: *Barks* “NOW!”

Me: “I said we don’t have any rooms.”

Guy: “Liar! Give me your name!”

Me: “My name is [My First Name].”

Guy: “And your last!”

Me: “No.”

Guy: “I want your last name! You are required, by law, to give me your full name!”

Me: “No, I’m not, and if you don’t leave I’ll call the police.”

He slapped his palm on my desk loudly and stomped off, twisting his neck to glare at me as he went. Later, he put in a complaint that I had discriminated against his race because I didn’t give him a room. The manager checked and saw that we were indeed sold out, but I admit, I wouldn’t have sold him a room anyway because of his nasty attitude!

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