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Tried To Catch You With Your Pants Down

, , , , , | Right | February 16, 2022

While I’m helping a neighboring department stock freight, a very young boy — three years old tops — walks up to me, all alone, and smiles

Boy: “Hi. Are you wearing underwear today?”

I immediately think of potty training, as the little kids’ clothing department begins two aisles away. I smile back.

Me: “Hi. I put them on when I got dressed this morning, so yes, I am. What is your name, and where is Mommy?”

That is when Mommy comes running from around the corner, apologizing like crazy. I laugh and respond with a big smile.

Me: “No worries. We must be potty training?”

Mommy confirms this is true, and, taking her little guy by the hand, begins walking back over toward the little kids’ clothing department.

Mother: “Now, sweetie, you cannot be walking up to strangers and asking questions like that.”

I missed the rest of the conversation as I was too busy trying to not burst out laughing too loudly.

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