Tricksy And False

| Friendly | January 28, 2015

(I’m at a college house party. An acquaintance is drunk and getting uncomfortably touchy-feely, but he outweighs me by sixty pounds, so I can’t get him to let go of me. Eventually, my friend appears behind the acquaintance. He sees me mouthing, ‘help!’ at him. He immediately comes over to us and puts himself between us.)

Friend: “Hey, [Acquaintance]! Someone’s looking for you downstairs. They want to talk to you about something. Come on, it’s really important. Let’s go downstairs.”

Acquaintance: “Wait, I’m busy. I was talking to [My Name].”

Friend: “No, no, no, they need you to come down right away.” *starts to pull Acquaintance to his feet*

Acquaintance: “Is this a trick? I’m gonna be kinda mad if this is a trick.”

Friend: *hustling them both towards the stairs* “Yes, this is a trick. Come on, we need to go downstairs right now.”

Acquaintance: *goes without question*

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