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Tricked By Your Treats

| Friendly | July 11, 2016

(It is Halloween. My best friend and I sometimes joke about drugs, knowing that neither of us are actually being serious. He is a first year university student like me, but lives alone.)

Friend: “I’m not going to bother with trick or treating.”

Me: “Why not?”

Friend: “See, I would, but I have schoolwork to do, and I’m out of most food so I’m gonna have to do a lot of grocery shopping tomorrow.”

Me: “Out of food? Go trick or treating!”

Friend: “Ahahaha, I’m pretty sure I can’t live off of candy.”

Me: “I’ve tried it; it’s fine. Just stop when the candy starts talking to you.”

Friend: “I don’t know what you were eating, but it definitely wasn’t candy. Sorry to break this to you this way, but your candy was drugged.”

Me: “That explains why they were telling me they were so dope.”

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