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Treating You Fare-ly

, , , , | Hopeless | September 18, 2016

(I’m sitting at a bus stop outside of the palliative care nursing home where I work, along with an older teenage girl and woman who I know as the daughter of one of the residents. The girl is talking on her phone to someone about getting to their house.)

Girl: *on the phone* “I want to but I’ve only got enough to get me to the station. I’m not going to try to sneak on. Well, because it’s something like a $150 fine if you get caught and the train guards are on this time of the afternoon because of the school kids.”

(The woman goes into her purse and gets some money out and calls to the girl.)

Woman: “Hey, girl.”

Girl: *to her phone buddy* “Hang on a sec.” *to the woman* “Yeah?”

(The woman holds out out $10.)

Woman: “Take this for your fare.”

Girl: “Wait, seriously? Are you sure?”

Woman: “I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t mean it, kid. Go see your mate. When you can, pass on some form of kindness to someone else.”

Girl: “Wow! Yes, thank you so much.” *on the phone* “Hey, I can get to yours now. Yeah, a lady at the bus stop gave me some money.” *to the woman* “Thanks again so much.”

(The bus showed up and we all got on and made our way to our various stops. Random acts of kindness make me smile.)

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