Treat Them Like Number One

, , , | Working | July 28, 2016

(My wife is about eight months pregnant. We are out for a day trip, and she feels a sudden need to use the bathroom. Only one shop is open nearby. Unfortunately, there is a large “No Public Restroom” sign on the front door, but we have to try given the lack of options. The shop has a grumpy-looking older shopkeeper.)

Shopkeeper: “What can I do for you?”

Me: “Sorry, I saw the sign, but is there any chance my wife could use your bathroom?”

Shopkeeper: “No! The sign is there for a reason.”

(At this point, my wife, who is very visibly pregnant and waddling accordingly, comes around the corner into view.)

Shopkeeper: “Wait, for her?”

Me: “Yes, she’s—”

Shopkeeper: “My wife says I have to bend the rule for pregnant women and small children. Can’t imagine how much trouble I’ll be in if I say no. Come on back here, ma’am.”

(Thank you to the wife whose consideration and threats outweighed her husband’s rules!)

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