Traveling A Long Way For That Reach

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I used to love traveling until one vacation that I was looking forward to all year got canceled due to bad weather. I was crying all night and, to make matters worse, I was treated like a criminal for HOURS by airport authorities.

Since then, I’ve decided that staying home is better, and I’ve been to all the places that I’ve wanted to visit anyway. My brother, who was supposed to vacation with me but was traveling separately, was very disappointed that he had to vacation by himself. He cursed me out, blaming me.

I’ve told my sister everything about it.

Sister: “It’s terrible what happened to you, but I think that [Brother] had it worse.”

Me: “What?”

Sister: “Well, he had to travel twenty hours to vacation with you and you didn’t even show up. He was all alone on the cruise.”

Me: “It wasn’t my fault! Do you think I wanted to be at a freezing airport overnight when I was supposed to be in a different country?! At least he got to go! I wasted money!”

Sister: “I know, but I just think he was worse off.”

We argued about it and she wouldn’t give me a reason why she thought that he was worse off, just that she felt it was. She does think the airport authorities were out of line when they demanded to see the money in my bank accounts. At least my brother saw that I was right and apologized later.

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