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Trash Of The Earth… AKA Customers

, , , | Right | April 15, 2020

I’m just leaving the front desk to do cleaning work elsewhere when a little old lady with a Southern accent calls me over. She has just checked out and all of her groceries are bagged up in plastic bags.

Customer: “Excuse me, but do you take this kind of bag for recycling?”

She pulls out a plastic bag from the bottom of her cart. It is full of reusable bags. You know, the kind you’re supposed to use instead of single-use plastic bags.

Me: *Confused* “I honestly don’t… know.”

Customer: “Well, these have been piling up around the house and I figured I’d bring them here and ask.”

Me: *Absolutely baffled* “I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone ask if we take back reusable bags.”

Customer: “Oh, well. I’ll take them back home and throw them in the trash.”

Me: “…”

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