Translation Elation

| Working | December 23, 2013

(My colleague is having trouble with a group of ladies.)

Colleague: “I’m trying to explain [ice cream] to them and it’s going nowhere.”

(I hover for a moment, and recognize some words as Spanish.)

Me: *in Spanish* “My apologies ladies. Are you Spanish?”

Customer: “Mexican.”

Me: “All right. I studied Catalan, so please forgive any differences and my years without practice. We have three sizes of ice cream: small, which is one scoop, medium, which is two, and large, which is three. All our prices are on the board behind me. We also have dark, milk, and white chocolate, nuts, and warm chocolate, or caramel as extras.”

(The women, while thrilled with my explanation, do not buy ice cream.)

Colleague: “How the f*** did you do that?”

Me: “I speak four languages, including Spanish.”

Colleague: *walking to the others* “Did you see that? Did you see that!? [My Name] spoke another language like it’s nothing!”

(I found this rather cringe-worthy, since the other colleague he was talking to is of Indian descent.)

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