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Transitioning Away From Tolerance Of Bigots

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It is a busy sale season, so the lines are long. As a result, some customers are more vocal than others about having to wait their turn. I am serving a customer who appears to be trans. They have indicators that they are transitioning, and they are wearing a trans pride pin.

The customer behind them seems to have noticed, too.

Next Customer: “Not only do I have to wait a f****** age to be served, but I have to be stuck behind this monstrosity?”

My current customer is checking out like they haven’t heard this bigot at all. I chalk it up to the sad fact that they’ve had this all their life and so words like this are just water against oil at this point.

Next Customer: “I know you can hear me, you pervert! Keep your perversions at home, you [trans slur]. Hurry up!”

My current customer pays, throws me a smile, and says:

Customer: “Thanks, and have a great day! Sorry about what’s to come.”

They side-eye the next customer and walk out totally unbothered.

The next customer has their items on the belt, but I am placing aside in my “go-back” pile.

Next Customer: “What the f*** are you doing?”

I point to a sign and read it aloud.

Me: “Customers are expected to be respectful and patient and refrain from abusive language.”

Next Customer: “I didn’t say anything to you!”

Me: “This rule applies to what you say to anyone in the store, sir. Since your behavior is unbefitting of a customer in [Store], I no longer deem you a customer. The exit is just over here.”

Next Customer: “Get me your manager!”

My manager happens to be serving at the next till over. He speaks up.

Manager: “I’m the manager, and I’m also the one that wrote that sign. You either walk out those doors now, or you do so later with the police. Choose.”

Next Customer: “You’re all a bunch of trans-loving w***es!”

Manager: “Which makes us infinitely better off than a miserable little bigot like you. Out. Now.”

The customer stormed off, and I was never so happy about having to do more “put-backs” that shift.

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