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Transforming Opinion

| Friendly | March 14, 2016

(I am a girl, volunteering at a Sunday school. I’m a Transformers fan, enjoying the comics and original TV show. Two of the girls, around six years old, ask me about what I watch on TV and I mention ‘Transformers.’)

Girl #1: “But you can’t like that show!”

(They show wide-eyed horror as I explain the plot and explain how it isn’t the Michael Bay movie.)

Me: “Why?”

Girl #2: “Because you’re a girl!”

Me: “And?”

Girl #2: “And girls can’t like cars!”

Girl #1: “Yeah, cars are for boys!”

Me: “That doesn’t tell me why I can’t like the show.”

(This carried on for a few minutes until I convince them to watch the animated show that was still on tv at the time. They came in the next week saying that they enjoyed the show but I shouldn’t because I was too old to watch. I can never win.)

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