Transforming His Opinion

| Friendly | June 26, 2014

(I am a big fan of Transformers. People know it by the hat and necklace I wear, which depicts my favorite faction. The background of my laptop is an image of a member of that faction. At a cafe I am at, a couple men in their twenties are chatting at a nearby table. Note: I am female.)

Guy #1: “Hey!” *points at me and whispers*

Guy #2: “Really?”

Guy #1: *walks over* “Hey, girl, do you actually know anything about Transformers?”

Me: “Yeah, I do.”

Guy #1: “Suuure you do.”

(I start getting annoyed because I figure he thinks I don’t know anything due to my gender.)

Me: “I’m sure you know more, then?”

Guy #1: Yeah!

Me: *switches my laptop to the desktop, turns it so he can see* “Why don’t you tell me about this guy?”

Guy #1: “Uh, he’s a [Faction].”

Me: “What about his vehicle mode?”

Guy #1: “Well, he has wings, so he’s a jet, duh!”

Me: “And?”

Guy #1: “And what?”

Me: “[Character’s Name]’s a jet and a car, a French fighter jet, and a [Japanese Car Brand]. He’s known as ‘Triplechanger.'”

Guy #1: “Everyone knows that.”

Me: *smirking* “No, not everyone does.”

Guy #1: “Why do you say that?”

Me: “I made this character…”

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