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Transferring Deterring

, , , | Learning | June 27, 2018

(I am on the switchboard at the college where I work. We have multiple campuses; I work in the main campus. I get a call from a student who wants to be put through to a smaller campus, six miles away.)

Me: “Good morning! This is [College]; how can I help you?”

Caller: “Yeah, you just put me through to the other campus, but nobody answered.”

Me: “Okay, reception and switchboard do open an hour before the other departments so we can log any sickness calls; however, if you leave a message, someone will get back to you ASAP.”

Caller: “Not good enough. I want you to make sure they answer the phone now.”

Me: “I’m afraid I cannot do that; I am currently located in the main campus six miles away from where you want transferring, and I cannot leave the phones unmanned.”

Caller: “No, I’ll hold. Go to the office I want transferring to and make them answer my call.”

Me: “So, instead of waiting less than twenty minutes for the staff to come into that office, you want me to leave the switchboard unmanned, go to the shuttle bus, travel the twenty minutes it takes to get there, get the office staff to wait for the call to be put through, make a twenty minute return journey to where you will still be on hold, and then put you through?”

Caller: “YES!”

Me: “No.”

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