Transaction Inaction

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(I’m working the drive-thru during a Sunday lunch rush, and we get completely slammed with the line wrapped almost all the way around the building. We do not have the back window open because Sundays are usually pretty slow. I have a customer put in a huge order: around $40 with three large premium combos, two large salads, and a few large side items.)

Me: *over speaker* “All right, that’ll be [amount] at your second window. Thanks!”

Customer: “Oh! And if you charge that much, you better have my food out quickly. This is so expensive, and this is fast food, not slow food.”

(I do not respond to this right away because I’m handing out an order to a car at the window.)

Customer: “HELLO!”

Me: “We’ll do our best, sir.”

(The customer huffs and drives off. A few cars later he pulls up.)

Me: “Hi there! [Amount], please.”

Customer: *throws his card at me* “I know the f****** total. Hurry up!”

(I’m about to slide the card, but then he barks.)

Customer: “Hey! I only want [two large salads] and [one of the large combos] on this card. The rest in cash!”

Me: “Okay, sir, we can do that.”

(This is a very time-consuming process and the line is just getting longer. I have to void out all of the items he wants to pay in cash, which requires a manager ID. I then have to re-enter the voided items on a separate transaction, and with this, I have to make sure the cooks and the baggers know that this is still for the car at the window.)

Customer: “Quit chatting with your workers and hurry up!”

Me: *hands the card back to the customer* “Okay, sir, [amount] was charged on your card for…”

Customer: “Yeah, yeah. Just tell me what I owe in cash, b****! You’re taking way too long.”

Me: “[Amount around $20], please.”

Customer: *hands me a $100.00, which also requires a manager ID* “Here you go. Now hurry up!”

(I’m starting to lose my patience, but I count back the change for him. Luckily by this point all of his food is made, and my manager hands out the food while I hand out the change.)

Customer: “You guys are the slowest fast food place, and talk about overpriced! Give me a discount!”

Manager: “Well, sir, the transaction is complete. I’m sorry. We gave you some extra fries for the wait, though.”

Customer: “Bulls***! This is fast food, and look at all of these people who are waiting forever to because of your slowness.” *motions to all the cars behind him*

Manager: “Okay, sir. You first put in a huge order, and we’re obviously busy, so your food will take a little longer. And second, you were the one who held up the line by separating your transactions at the window. Next time, please do it at the speaker box. Have a good day now.” *slams window shut*

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